Corduroy at Sonia Taouhid

Corduroy at Sonia Taouhid

For her garments, Sonia is constantly looking for quality fabrics. In her quest, she chose a traditional English one: corduroy from an historical manufacturer: Brisbane Moss. A reasoned choice for high quality outfits, we tell you everything!

What is corduroy ?

Resulting from a weaving technique with 2 warp systems, corduroy has a flat face on one side, the weft and a face covered with erect hair, the carpet.

This technique requires unique know-how but also the choice of thick and resistant cotton threads of first choice.

The manufacture of velvet in England dates to the 19th century, when cotton was imported from India via Liverpool, in the region of Lancashire, the cradle of the English textile industry.     

The specialists : Brisbane Moss

 At that time, the Moss brothers, weavers, have created their company.

Over time, Moss Brothers family business thrived and became the most important fabric converter of the district.

The development is done by buyouts, becoming in 1901, The English Fustian Manufacturing Company.

Thus, all trades were represented in their workshops: weaving of all kinds, dyeing, retail or wholesale clothing. Traditional skills and know-how inherited from local craftsmen.

In 1970, Moss Brothers became Brisbane Moss Corduroys by taking over the manufacturer Brisbane Jones, also specializing in velvet and its very special production.

The expertise and quality of Brisbane Moss fabrics, developed over the years, have been recognized by Queen Elizabeth II by obtaining the Queen's export award in 2004 and 2012.

And at Sonia Taouhid ?

The choice of Brisbane Moss is directly correlated to the quality of the fabrics.

You will find these 100% cotton velvets, in the making of iconic Sonia Taouhid brands, such as: the Marlène and Etienne pants, as well as in the making of the Etienne jumpsuit, a garment that is both powerful and feminine for which, Sonia chose a light and colorful velvet. A piece of your wardrobe to wear all year round.

Through the choice of Brisbane Moss, 150 years of know-how are at your disposal.

All corduroy garments over here !
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