Nothing compares to having a bespoke garment designed and made for you, whether an evening gown or wedding dress, skirt or blouse, that fits your body like a glove, flatters your silhouette and even compliments your skin tone. And we make it a joyful, unhurried affair.

The bespoke service we offer at Sonia Taouhid is professional and exclusive to every client. And our bespoke garments are created combining the creative flair, craftsmanship and know-how of the designer and the craftsmanship and skills of her small specialist technical team. 


The experience

A first appointment or consultation with the designer and pattern cutter is arranged where inspiration, references and fabric ideas will be exchanged and shared. The designer and her team will then help you choose and create your vision of perfection.
                     Bespoke bridal dress 
You will be guided through hundreds of sample fabrics, hand-picked from high-quality suppliers from around the globe, as well as being advised on how to pick the right embellishments and trimmings to complete and make your garment even more unique.
Sonia will work on finalizing the design, with all the information and details chosen and decided previously by you. After which, you will be invited to an appointment and fitting where this final design will be presented to you and your measurements will be taken.
Once this is done, the garment-making process begins immediately. This initial order always includes the making of a bodice or trousers pattern drafted with your measurements by our technical team, and it will be stored in our in-house atelier for any new order you would like to make in the future. It is at that point when the team will start working to turn the final design sketch into your unique garment.
A calico toile fitting will follow, where the lines of the garment are defined to compliment you. Further fittings will take place before the final check fitting, which will be as close to the event or wedding as possible, to make sure the garment fits impeccably.
Please note that leading times can vary from 2 weeks to 3 months, depending on the type of order (with shorter waiting times for items such as blouses and trousers and longer times for evening gowns and wedding dresses).
For more information or to book your initial virtual consultation, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you.