Sonia & British Millerain

Sonia & British Millerain

Another supplier that historically supplies Sonia Taouhid with high quality fabrics is British Millerain, the original manufacturer of waxed cotton and a world leader in specialist textiles for outerwear.


While technology has changed over the years, British Millerain remains faithful to its roots, using a century of innovation, skills handed down through six generations, and historical documentation such as an 1894 patent.

The story of waxed cotton is related to the high seas and sailors life conditions; in the 15th Century they were at the mercy of the rain, wind, and waves. Their craft offered little protection then, which didn't ensure their survival. British Sailors treated their flax canvas sailcloth with linseed oil, to prevent them from rain and wind.

In the 1700s, a weaving mill called Francis Webster Ltd began weaving cotton and perfected the art of treating it with linseed oil. The Royal Navy and early tea clippers quickly adopted Webster's cotton.

Linseed oil was far from ideal, turning yellow over time and cracking in cold conditions, losing its properties.

In the 1880's, British Millerain, based in Lancashire, began to develop paraffin-based waxed cotton, which would suit a wide variety of clothing requirements.

In 1894, the first patented Millerain® rainproof finish was there.

British Millerain has expanded activities to customize cotton cloth for other companies such as Francis Webster Ltd.

Then their array of waterproof fabrics opened to commercial markets and has met with success till now.


Sonia has chosen a light and strong cloth of waxed cotton testimonial of quality of more than a Century of refinement and development for her raincoat Ellie, available on demand. In this 2022's Fall-Winter collection, British Millerain fabrics are also present in the new trench-coat Claire. Meet this unique number in-store and indulge in quality with those amazing coats.

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