Where does this perfect fit come from ?

Where does this perfect fit come from ?

For her creations, Sonia is constantly looking for quality fabrics. In its quest, Sonia has chosen long-lasting companies, perpetuating artisanal know-how proven for several centuries.

Some of them are known and recognized English suppliers and sometimes even honored by the crown as Brisbane Moss, an English manufacturer specializing in velvets and moleskin since 1858.

 British Millerain, manufacturer of coated cotton since 1880, these canvases are intended for the army or hunting parties in the English countryside.

Marton Mills, since its creation in 1931, has been the supplier of woolen sheets for English school uniforms.

There are also French suppliers such as Maison Malfroy, creator of excellent silks since 1939.

When the know-how is there, Sonia explores more distant lands. And it is from Japan that the chirimen of the Carlotta Dress comes from.

On the other hand, we talk a lot about food waste, but in the textile industry, we produce a little more to ensure the required quantities. These surpluses are recovered by structures such as the fabrichouse.eu and are offered to young designers, allowing them to source very high-quality fabrics , in affordable quantities while not creating new waste.

So whatever the piece, Sonia's choices are reasoned for haute couture quality outfits. Our iconic pieces here.



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