Esther Bellepoque

Esther Bellepoque

If you’ve been following us you won’t have miss her! Photograph and model at the same time for her own photoshoot, she goes with Sonia for years now. How they met, Who is she?

We tell you everything in this interview article!


The meeting with Sonia

Here in the heart of Stoke Newington, where is the Sonia Taouhid boutique, strong ties formed to create an incredible network.
In this creative breeding ground, Sonia met Esther.
In 2018, Esther fell in love with garments in Sonia's window display and offered her services by email. A mutual crush ensued.
The collaboration became obvious for both of them. 


Who is Esther?

Esther, a photographer based in London, describes her work as symbolic, abstract at times, and classic. She worked for Vogue UK, Wonderland, and Net-a-Porter amongst others.
What drives her: To reach beauty.
She has always been interested in aesthetics within a historical context. I like to think of fashion and outfits as uniforms that contain the personality and emotions of the person wearing them.
To achieve that goal, she builds up very detailed mood boards although she always leaves a window open as it's all about teamwork and what you see through the camera with fresh eyes.


Her current projects

Esther's projects are many and varied, as she says in French: "Plenty of little things at the same time". But above all Esther is preparing an exhibition in a Parisian gallery for the start of the school year. His photos will be around the WILLIAM SCOTT studies series. A re composition of the artist's paintings reproduced captured by Esther's eye.


Her inspirations

Regarding her inspirations, we find: - authors like Proust, Irène Nemirovsky - photographers: André Kertész, Eugène Atget - the artist Louise Bourgeois, the painter Malcolm T Liepke or Natalia Gonchorava for her sets for the Russian ballets in 1924. - The architect Riccardo Bofill And no doubt, all his creative friends around her. A real chance and an opportunity to learn every day.


Life philosophy

Just a motto borrowed from Proust in his famous questionnaire: “Vivez, vivez…! »


Her guilty pleasure

French fries! a French cuisine addict of course!


Her wish for this year

Her wish for this year is to stay healthy to keep enjoying the journey.


Esther is like all in one person: talent, culture, tremendous energy and enjoying living on a daily basis. Discover photos of Esther throughout our collections. The latest: Sandstorm.

Her website:

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