Victor Chan portrait

Victor Chan portrait

      Intimate photo shoots featuring models with forceful personalities; it's what you have seen on our Instagram account. These shoots are the creations of Victor Chan, a young talented photographer.We interviewed him to draw you his portrait.

Who is Victor?

Victor is a photographer based in London. He is currently working in fashion and developing his personal projects in art photography. He gained his passion for arts because he feels art is how he expresses himself through storytelling in images. He hopes to influence his audience with the feelings of his photography.

How does he meet Sonia?

He roams the neighborhood with his eyes wide open, always looking for designs for his projects. While moving into Stokey, he walked by Sonia's shop. "Sonia's designs are perfect for me because my visual style is minimalistic, just like her designs. Simplicity tells a lot of stories but also leaves room for imagination." Under the spell, he writes to us and offers us to collaborate on his next photo shoot. Reluctant at first, Victor was able to charm Sonia, and the collaborations keep coming. "It was a pleasure to collaborate with Sonia."

What are his current projects?

He is currently developing a few personal projects. The main one he focuses on is Alien Boys, a series about men (and women) expressing feelings through unusual body language. Love is not explicit, but it can be felt through visual language. "We do have a certain way to express love and emotions. But this series is to explore new expressions of intimacy."

Where does he find inspiration?

His inspiration comes from anything and everything. Victor believes a creative person can transform and adapt anything into their own work. "No work is absolutely original, but our creativity can make use of our surroundings." He tries to appreciate everything around him, only focusing on the things that are useful to his work. Music is a great source of inspiration for Victor; that visualizes images and draws ideas he can use for his projects.

What is his life philosophy?

"My philosophy is there is no rule in anything in life. It opens up my mind to infinite possibilities. There are so many things in life that we cannot change, but we can change our mindsets to adapt to the unchangeable. When dealing with different issues, there are no golden rules, and it only depends on the matter itself. Be Water, like Bruce Lee said. "

What is his guilty pleasure?

"I don't really have a guilty pleasure because as long as I like it, I don't feel shy or ashamed of it. But by normal standards, I do like to watch very bad films because when bad films are too bad, they are actually good. "

And a wish for this year ?

"This year, I wish to continue developing my personal skills and styles so I can have my own collection of work, and hopefully, I will publish them physically as a zine or any other kind. "


    On our part, we wish him all the best, and we are looking forward to the next project together. More about Victor?

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