Martha is wearing Clair Coat Dress Butter in the movie Zoe

ZOE project

Zoe, A slow fashion collaboration

We heard somewhere that "We don't meet people by accident. They're meant to cross out a path for a reason."
Shelby met Sonia on a stroll on a cool autumn afternoon when she saw Sonia Taouhid's store window. She entered and was warmly received by Sonia.
Struck by her kind presence, creative vitality, and openness to discuss projects and share ideas, Shelby fell in love with Sonia and her brand universe.
At that time, Shelby pondered how to achieve Zoe's vision film through a slow fashion brand. 

Who is Shelby? 

Born in Arizona and raised in Michigan, Shelby got through engineering, holistic medicine, make-up artist, and finally advertising before she started to write, produce, and direct a narrative short, music video, and a fashion film with her production company Hasu Media.
In all her projects, She combines her eye-catching aesthetic with underdog tales and altruistic passions to create visual tales.
When she's not doing a film, she loves many things that give her rest and peace: yoga, dance, reading, and painting. 

What is her project: Zoe?

Zoe is a filmic reflection on life.
The context: are humans really real after all?
Zoe is a short film about a young woman traversing the emotionally vacuous, post-modern landscape in the year 2030, London.
Her apartment contains all that she needs: food, shelter, water, and companionship in the form of her best friend, an Emotionally Intelligent AI, Roberto.
"Zoe was inspired by films of the post-modern, sci-fi genre such as HER and NIMIC. Films where the foundations of the human experience are undone by technology in the case of HER…
…And by the hollow mimic of the lead protagonist in NIMIC, who copies his every move. This conveys that the man's existence can be reduced like a specimen to a quantified matter of actions he commits each day." Said Shelby.
The message: take time to internalize.
The main topic for Shelby is : "Is The post-modern fantasy of existence and immediate gratification via technological dopamine hits sufficient to sustain humanity if all other needs are met?"
"As an objective participant in this project, I found myself deeply disturbed by my own relationship with technology and have since taken measures to upgrade it." Said, Shelby

Why Sonia Taouhid?

Shelby chooses Sonia Taouhid upon being put to the challenge of creating a dystopian story through garments.
As she wanted to express a timeless atmosphere to make a film that would be universally relatable, Sonia's clothing represented a departure from the rapid, cannibalistic essence of modern fashion, devouring collections and trends season after season.  
Shelby said, "Just as we see time passing through the minute saplings that the lead character cultivates, I wanted to work with a collection which Mirrored the film's reflective nature."

Zoe's team

For this project, Shelby has been working as co-director with Enla Arboleda, a polymorphic artist from Colombia, and Martha, a theatre actress, and maker, as the main character.

We are thrilled to participate in this project through our summer collection featuring the Claire Coat butter, Samara Shirt Sage Linen, and Etienne trousers, and we wish good luck with the broadcast of this Zoe project.

Starring: Martha Crow, Bruce Thomson
Written, directed and produced by
Santiago Giraldo Arboleda / more :
Coproduced, 1st AD Shelby :
Audio field recordist
Yujie Ding, Shelby and Santiago


Martha Claire Coat focus on hand 

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